Friday, May 2, 2008

Dear Iowa

Dear Iowa,

This weekend I will be traveling down to Pella with my van full of kids for the annual Tulip Festival. You know I love this festival. Each year growing up and residing as an adult I would not miss. I was an avid attender. I didn't just go to my obligatory one or two parades. No. I went to all 6...afternoon and evening for three days! I set aside money for the "must eats" at the booths and grazed from one to the next with anticipation and relish. We camped on blankets and have "our spot" on the city square. We take pictures each year in front of the tulip beds. I have cultivated this love in my children so that, even now living in Minnesota, we travel down with anticipation and excitement each year.

So this is my one request...I respectively ask for you to provide better weather. 53 degrees with 25 mph winds and thunderstorms isn't exactly parade watching weather. I'm not some whiny tourist rolling in on a bus for a few hours. I am a native, born and bred in Pella and have attended every year for oh, I don't know... say 42 YEARS! I really don't think this is to much to ask. We will be arriving this evening and I expect the weather report to improve immensely by the time we arrive.

Note to Minnesota: The only reason I am even considering going down to Pella is because you are forecasting a high of 36 with a rain/snow mix on Saturday. There is much you can do to endear me further to my new State of residence. I am loyal to my State of birth but a couple of 70-80 degree days could turn my love faster than a harlot.