Wednesday, March 28, 2007

They all think I am crazy...

NEVER say things like...."I love knitting this so much, I will be so sad when this is done" or "This is knitting up really fast!" Last night after finishing the 4th skein on Lady E. I was sitting back and just basking in her beauty when I noticed a problem. I had made a mistake 3 sections back. I pointed it out to DH and he watched in horror as I started frogging sections. All the while trying to talk me out of it...."Are you really sure you want to rip out all that work? No one will notice, Can't you just cut and paste, I mean, you know...cut and sew?" (He is such a computer guy), He was being very supportive all the while thinking I was out of my mind for ripping it out.

It really didn't bother me, it was only a couple of sections....

Until this morning. I took it upstairs in the kitchen and laid it out to show the kids (They are having almost as much fun watching her grow as I am.) I was explaining what I had done and stopped mid sentence.... another mistake! D++b. How could I have missed it?? I would stop and gaze at her so often how could I have NOT seen this?!?! It was on the 4th section. I missed a corner triangle. Three of the kids came around in horror as I again frogged 7 (7!) more sections to the missing triangle. They also were trying to talk me out of it. "We didn't notice until you showed us. Don't do it! No one will notice!!" I calmly explained to them that I would notice. I would always know it was there and it would diminish the finished object in my mind. I could tell by the looks on their faces they thought I was just as crazy as my husband did.

I frogged a total of three skeins of yarn between last night and this morning. I now have a total of 4 sections done. One skein down, 9 to go.... and I am still enjoying the knitting of Lady Eleanore.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lady E

I had a Birthday the beginning of this month. Thanks to Jeanne, mother-in-law, and Sheryl, sister-in-law, I had a little birthday cash to splurge. (When you have 8 children this is a rare occurrence) So I went over to Little Knits and got this:

I am making it into a Lady Eleanore stole. I know the Lady E is a very 2006 pattern but you remember I haven't been knitting for the last 15 years so I have a LOT of must-knit catching up to do! I saw this on some old(er) blog posts and fell in love. I got the yarn Friday night and by midnight I was done with my first skein. Saturday grew her another 1/2 skein and Sunday she was well into her third. Here she is so far - basking in the sun on my back deck:

And a close-up...

I love the colors, the Noro yarn even with it's leaves, sticks and other "natural" materials woven in. I enjoy the challenge of the abrupt color changes in the knots found in this yarn - so far only one per skein, knock on wood. I like the art of the color changes and matching one skein into another and making the color changes even. I love knitting entrelac. I find myself finishing a section and just sitting back and admiring her.

I consider myself crafty but not artsy. Lady E makes me feel like an artist. She is art and I am knitting her.

Monday, March 19, 2007

5 months of knitting

In October my mom came up to visit and I found my knitting desire again. It had been gone for 15 years. I had foolishly sold all the yarn and needles at a garage sale 14-15 years ago because I had had a baby and didn't have time to knit anymore.

I took mom to a yarn shop here in MN and bought my first set of Magic Loop and a skein of sock yarn to try socks. I made these....

I finished them in a few days and went and got another skein, and another, and another. My girls saw them and asked for socks so I made these...

I made many more (15.5 pr. since October) but these are all in the clean laundry at this minute. I didn't want to rummage too far into the recesses of the girl's room to find more. It frustrates me to open their bedroom door these days. Now I know how my mother felt when she would walk by and just close my bedroom door when I was a teen.

I have one of these done...but the other is langishing on the needles.

Socks have been put aside for a bit as I finished Sahara and now am working on the Krista Tee. Pictures of them later.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy Birth-day Blog

March 17 seems like a good day to birth a blog.

Welcome to the blog spot of 8 children and two cats. more to come....