Monday, March 26, 2007

Lady E

I had a Birthday the beginning of this month. Thanks to Jeanne, mother-in-law, and Sheryl, sister-in-law, I had a little birthday cash to splurge. (When you have 8 children this is a rare occurrence) So I went over to Little Knits and got this:

I am making it into a Lady Eleanore stole. I know the Lady E is a very 2006 pattern but you remember I haven't been knitting for the last 15 years so I have a LOT of must-knit catching up to do! I saw this on some old(er) blog posts and fell in love. I got the yarn Friday night and by midnight I was done with my first skein. Saturday grew her another 1/2 skein and Sunday she was well into her third. Here she is so far - basking in the sun on my back deck:

And a close-up...

I love the colors, the Noro yarn even with it's leaves, sticks and other "natural" materials woven in. I enjoy the challenge of the abrupt color changes in the knots found in this yarn - so far only one per skein, knock on wood. I like the art of the color changes and matching one skein into another and making the color changes even. I love knitting entrelac. I find myself finishing a section and just sitting back and admiring her.

I consider myself crafty but not artsy. Lady E makes me feel like an artist. She is art and I am knitting her.