Monday, March 19, 2007

5 months of knitting

In October my mom came up to visit and I found my knitting desire again. It had been gone for 15 years. I had foolishly sold all the yarn and needles at a garage sale 14-15 years ago because I had had a baby and didn't have time to knit anymore.

I took mom to a yarn shop here in MN and bought my first set of Magic Loop and a skein of sock yarn to try socks. I made these....

I finished them in a few days and went and got another skein, and another, and another. My girls saw them and asked for socks so I made these...

I made many more (15.5 pr. since October) but these are all in the clean laundry at this minute. I didn't want to rummage too far into the recesses of the girl's room to find more. It frustrates me to open their bedroom door these days. Now I know how my mother felt when she would walk by and just close my bedroom door when I was a teen.

I have one of these done...but the other is langishing on the needles.

Socks have been put aside for a bit as I finished Sahara and now am working on the Krista Tee. Pictures of them later.