Monday, August 13, 2007

Loopy Goes Biker

Loopy (from the Loopy Ewe: was a special guest on our bike trip. Here are a few pictures from his camera:
Loopy was very excited for his first trip to Sturgis. Here he is posing in front of a welcome sign.

He learned very quickly that you never, NEVER sit on someone's bike. Not even to pose for a cool picture.
He decided it was better to look from a distance.

It was hot and he wanted to sit down and have a cold one but, they ID everyone and Loopy left his wallet on the bike. Bummer.

After a day in Sturgis he packed up and headed to Dillon Colorado. From Dillon Loopy took in the mountains. His first stop was the Hoosier pass.

Loopy loved the mountain views.

He rode the cog train up to Pike's Peak.

And was impressed by the view of Colorado Springs from the top.

Always the tourist he needed a shot by the dated sign at the top of the peak.

He rode with us up Hwy 125 to Rand, CO. Loopy couldn't decide if this was a cabin made into a garage or a garage made into a cabin.

Loopy can't get enough of the mountain shots.

Don't worry. Loopy didn't get into trouble. He was just chatting with the local law.

A trip up to Loveland pass and back through the Eisenhower tunnel and Loopy was ready to head back to Minnesota.

He didn't stay long though. He was here one day to unpack and do laundry and he was off again. This time he traveled to the Iowa State Fair. The Bruxvoort brothers hold a family reunion and he thought it would be fun to camp at the fair for a night. He met lots of fun people and had amazing food. The Bruxvoort's are know for their good food.

Loopy traveled 3800 miles in 10 days. But he isn't done yet. Next week he will go with Karen, Vince and their 9 kids down to Omaha, NE to a State Park for 4 days. He can't wait to post more pictures when he gets back.