Friday, September 7, 2007

New family member

I am very behind in posting this (since he has been here almost a month already) but we are now a family of least for the next 10 months. Filip came to live with us from Slovakia for a year. He is going to the local high school and trying really hard to make the hockey team. Other than living in Canada for a few years I know almost nothing about hockey but we are ready to learn. I think it has something to do with KNOWING someone on the ice that makes it more interesting.

Vince gave him a ride on the bike. We told him to look mean:

That's why he isn't smiling. It is a big change for him to go from having one brother in Slovakia to having 8 sibs in the US but all is going better than expected.
He isn't smiling here either. He isn't a fan of horses and didn't want his picture taken with one. We are enjoying pushing him out of his comfort zone. But really he does smile a lot... just not for the camera. It must be a Slovakian thing.