Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WIP Update

We have had a busy last couple of months. Vince had a nice little 4 day holiday in the hospital due to a Super Staph infection. We have been hockey-ing through the Regional and State tournaments and the season ends tonight with the All-Star game. I made a quick trip down to my mom's to help start cleaning out my grandmother's house. We had three Birthdays in March including our exchange student who had his first cultural experience of a Surprise Birthday Party. All of these (except Vince's hospital stay) were fun so I am not complaining.

I have been getting some knitting done:

This is the beginning of the Silver Belle by Vogue Knitting. The yarn is Lana Grossa Numero Uno Tweed. The second picture is more accurate of the color but it is still a little darker like the upper left corner.

Aren't all those cables so pretty? Just don't look too closely, there are a few mistakes, I mean creative nuances. This sweater will take me a while. I can't seem to watch TV and do cables at the same time. I have to find time when I can focus on it... and with this full house, well, I hope to have it done for next fall.

Next up...socks:

These are hand dyed Opal yarn bought from my mom's shop. Love the colors. Pattern made up as I went along. A couple inches down the foot on sock #1.

When I packed up for the State hockey tournament this past weekend I forgot to pack knitting so I HAD to visit the local yarn shop and buy something to get me through the weekend. This is Bo Peep's Not Just for Socks yarn in the Old Rose colorway. This is more of a sport weight yarn so they will be really warm, thick socks. I got the leg done of my first sock while sitting by the pool and before and after games.

Noro Entrelac socks. This is the new Noro Krayon sock yarn. I am not into the big stripes so I found this pattern. It really shows off the yarn well. First sock done and second sock started. The yarn is really thin in some places and I had to repair my first sock already after trying it on and the yarn broke. That made me a little wary and these have sat for a few months. I have had a rash of blow outs on my knitted socks and I am so tired of fixing them...especially when you are darning before you have even worn them once!

But it is really pretty.

And finally a finished product.

This is the Danca scarf in Noro Silk Garden. This yarn was bought with a friend over a year ago so I could teach her how to do entrelac. We sat in my living room for a couple of hours and she left with the beginning triangles and first row done. A couple of weeks ago she came with the bag, handed it to me and said she was never going to knit it any further so I finished it for her. Now to weave in the ends and block it so she can wear it.

I also finished the Drops Jacket but I will post pictures of it later. I only have my 6 year old to take the pictures right now and I am sure that won't work. So I'll end with a token cute kid picture: