Monday, March 24, 2008

Inside Easter

We had to have our Easter egg hunt in the house this year because our back yard looked like this:

The kids were quite concerned we would call it off but we have too much fun to do that so we improvised:
It is a little hard to hide 204 eggs inside but Vince did a great job.

The kids hunted with gusto... because Vince hid 20 - $1 coins in some of the eggs. Nothing motivates teens like money! the littles enjoyed hunting for the candy filled eggs.

Filip thought this was just plain silly but after it started he got into it!

Each child could hunt til they got 22/23 eggs. Then they settled in corners and opened.

The money got pretty spread around.
Even 16 year-olds have fun with it.

Afterwards we had to clear the driveway to get to church. Filip loves to run the snow blower. It really wasn't that cold but the snow was really coming down! I had to get a picture of him blowing snow in shorts.

At least we didn't have to worry about the squirrels stealing the eggs this year.