Monday, April 28, 2008

Knitting for Peace

Last Fall, my friend Dana, (who CAN knit but says she can't) took me along to Shepherd's Choice to launch their Knit for Peace. We knit 40+ sweaters and 70+ hats and shipped them to Hungry. Dana flew there and distributed them in a small gypsy village. We were invited back yesterday to show pictures from Dana's trip and hang out with one of my favorite yarn shop owners, Kathy.

While we were there Dana and I may have made a few purchases:

Kathy specializes in yarns with natural fibers along with her own hand spun, hand dyed yarn. I brought home enough of this to make Tubey. Mine will be mostly red with just have a couple of brown stripes across the bust and elbows. I really don't want to be striping my midsection. This is Fibra-natura Heaven. It is 50% wool and 50% silk and feels wonderful!

I try not to purchase pattern books or magazines unless there is at least three patterns I want to knit. This Knitters had more than three but here are a few favorites:

Sorry for the poor pictures...cheapo camera and it's a dark, gray day here.
Dana bought the book: Knitting Lingerie Style and Cascade Sierra for the Bed Jacket. She SAYS she can't knit (but I know she can) so I offered to knit it for her. She does so much for our family and helps with the kids if we head out of town on school days, I am glad to do it for her.

The neat thing about this yarn is that Kathy makes her own handmade soaps and lotions so her store smells so good when you walk in. This morning I got the yarn out of the bags to take pictures and it smells SO wonderful. I keep holding up and smelling it. I hope it continues while I knit the sweaters!
While I was gone all day yesterday my WONDERFUL husband was doing this:

See that beautiful tile back splash? We had some slate picked out but once everything was done it was just too much color. So it has been unfinished for a few months. Saturday we went to the tile store and looked again and found this. It is perfect. While I was at Shepherd's Choice he sent me a text message and asked if he could use the scraps for a back splash for the stove. Of course I said YES! I came home to this:

It really brightens up the wall that has dark cabinets, black appliances and dark purple paint. Perfect. Just perfect.

Did you notice our bears? This is one of my favorites. He is carrying a bottle of wine on his back.

But this one is the best:

Momma and Papa bear having a wine and cheese picnic. It couldn't fit us any better.