Monday, April 9, 2007

Chocolate Robbers

My husband's love language is gift giving. He takes so much pride in Christmas gifts. When we got married last year he made it very clear that the Christmas stockings and the Easter baskets were HIS responsibility. So Friday he stopped by Target on the way home and came in with 3 (THREE) bags of Easter candy for the kids....granted we have 8 kids but 3 bags!?! Sunday the alarm went off at 6:00 am so he could go out and pay out all the eggs before the kids got up.

While getting ready for church I looked out my bedroom window and saw a gray squirrel pick up and orange egg and roll it over and over in his paws trying to get it open. I ran upstairs and told the kids to look while running for the video camera. When I went outside on the deck he got it in his mouth and started running up the tree. He only got up about 5 ft. and it fell out of his mouth. When the egg hit the ground the egg popped open and the candy fell out. The squirrel was more interested in the egg than the candy and soon lost interest and left the candy laying by the tree.

The kids were concerned about their candy stash and were eager to go out and beat the squirrels to anymore of the eggs. I assured them that the squirrels aren't interested in the candy but just curious and so their candy was safe.

About a 1/2 hour later we sent them out for the hunt. The older ones got their allotment quickly and they helped the younger ones find their eggs.

While taking pictures we heard..."I found a 1/2 egg with a wrapper!", "Here's one! No wait, it is empty", "Another empty one!, Darn squirrels, they stole our candy.", "Here is an open one and M&Ms are all over the ground. Are they still good?"

All told I think we lost about 6-8 eggs to the squirrels. Considering we started out with 3 bags, I don't think the kids suffered much loss.

On the knitting front, Lady E is a little over 1/2 done.

Mom and Dad were up for the weekend and I took my mom on a mini yarn crawl on Saturday. I mentioned to Vince that I didn't have money so I would look and not buy. He handed me his card and said go get something pretty. I asked if I had a limit and he said, "I don't know. $100?"

I laughed and said something about not knowing what he was doing and he replied: "Yes, I do. I am making my wife happy." See why I love him?

We went to two shops and I ended up buying some Classic Elite Yarns Provence :

Gratuitous curious cat picture. Meet Cassy.

and Blue Heron Yarn Marshgrass:

for a wrap/shawl to go with the sweater. Vince has a business trip to Paris, France in May and he is taking me with his for our Anniversary. This will be my "sitting in an outdoor plaza, drinking a glass of wine" sweater. I'll post pictures after the trip.

Don't they look pretty together?!?

While taking pictures X thought he needed his picture taken too. I'll end this photo-heavy post with him. He has the best smile...