Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paris sweater FO

Remember this?
It is now the FO: Paris sweater

I am calling it the Paris sweater because I made it for the Paris trip and used three different patterns combined to make it. The lace on the bottom is from the Knit N Style - June 06 - Pattern #15. I duplicated two rows for the sleeves. The body is a modified version of the Shapely Tee from White Lies. The neck shaping and finishing is my own. It ended up too big so I had to pull it in a little with some crochet. I haven't blocked it yet so hoping some of the puckering of the neck will smooth out.
The drop stitch wrap is about 8" done. A picture of it to follow at a later date.

While taking pictures guess who wanted HIS picture taken? (Notice his Target gift card now on my sweater - he calls it his credit card) And no I haven't taken the Christmas lights off my deck yet.
And then the Jr. Highers wanted in on the game...

The middle one in gray isn't mine. She is a good friend that comes in frequently for food before (and after) school. We just keep collecting kids at our house...