Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm in trouble...

I got this in the mail yesterday from Knit Purl and I am So in LOVE! It is Fleece Artist Handmaiden Sea Wool. The picture doesn't show it's shiny yarnness.

A close up, anyone?
I have a cheap-o camera so the colors are a little dull here. But trust me, it is amazing. I think my yarn pal for Sockapalooza deserves some Sea Wool yumminess. After all, isn't it the Sockapaloozer's way - to spoil your sock pal? She deserves nothing less. I will need to go get her a different color however. She seems to favor the reds and purples...and (cough) you need to order two skeins for free shipping....I'm in trouble.
Meanwhile I am getting to the end of my drop stitch wrap for the Paris sweater. It looks like a big scarf right now because (obviously) the dropped stitches some at the end. Again the colors don't show real well here but it is a very pretty soft green, with bits of pink and lavender and a gold thread. I am not much of a pastel girl but it looks fantastic with the Paris sweater.

A close up...

So pretty. It will look even better in a sidewalk cafe' on the streets of Paris!