Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm back...

Sorry to be gone for so long.... We went on our vacation. It wasn't Paris, it was a cruise.

Long story short - Paris got too expensive too fast because we procrastinated on buying the plane tickets so we ended up with a last minute cruise deal to the Bahamas.

It was my first cruise and most likely my last. The weather didn't co-operate so we ended up on the boat all but one of our 5 days. We were let off in Nassau to shop but the days scheduled to be on the beach were cancelled due to swells that made disembarking impossible. The last night the ship rocked so badly I got sick and I have never gotten sea sick before.

My husband assures me this is rare and that it usually isn't like this but next time I just want a hotel, with a bed that doesn't move, on the beach, so that when the weather breaks we can make a run for it and snorkel.

Since Saturday was our First Anniversary I got these:

In case you can't count them all - 5 dozen roses. 5!! Yep, He loves me... and it was awesome getting 5 days alone with him even if we were stuck on a boat.