Monday, May 14, 2007

What a week!

We went down to my parent's house last weekend for Tulip Time in Pella, IA. It was a good time to reconnect with friends and let the kids run around with old classmates. We were on our way home Sunday night and got a call from our neighbor that a storm had gone through that morning and had taken a tree down in our yard. An hour later we came home to this:

The bad part was that it hit our power line on the way down and pulled the electrical box off the side of the house. See the flash mark on the side of the house?!? (Just to the right of the two gray boxes still attached)

The tree destroyed our fence, took out another section farther down, and lifted, moved and bent our new awning on the porch. My husband is building a storage shed and the winds took down one of the walls he had just put up the day before we left.

A great neighbor loaned us a generator so we could keep the freezer and refrigerator working so no food loss which was wonderful. But the worst part?...No power for 3 days and then no Internet for almost a week! Do you realize how much you can't do without the Internet?! Sheesh, I felt like such a dope. Always going to the computer and then realizing I can't do that until the Internet is back up.
So, no pictures of yarn today but I started a pair of Monkey socks to try out the Handmaiden Sea Wool and the yarn is just as nice knitted up as it feels in the skein. It is my first pr. of Monkey socks (free pattern by Cookie A. at and I really like the pattern. Easy enough to be my first pair of lace socks and it goes fast with a 12 row repeat. I have my first leg done and am ready to do the heal flap. Cookie A does such a great job with socks! Pictures soon.