Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Production knitting is kicking my butt

I haven't gotten much done other than paid jobs plus the constant knitting is starting to wear on my hands, elbows and shoulders. Is there such a thing as knitting elbow?

Here is an update on my Production knitting so far:

Production job #1 in July. This is the Simple Raglan by Blue Sky Alpaca in Skinny Cotton. This was made for a shop sample for Knit New London in New Hampshire. Size med. (36-38) is modeled by my mother-in-law.

Back view:

It fit her so nice she wanted to keep it.

Secret production job # 2 July/August:

The pattern and details will be available later this fall through Blue Sky Alpaca. Won't tell you more than that....sorry.

Production knitting #3

Look familiar? Yep, Simple Raglan (again) in Skinny Cotton (again) This time size Small (32-34).

Sleeve detail: