Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What Happened to May?

This is a picture heavy post to catch up on the month of May that imploded on me.
The weather for the Tulip Festival turned out nicer than predicted. Cold but not rainy. We sat under sleeping bags and watched the parade.
The tulips were a little behind but a few beds were in full bloom. Pella is so beautiful this time of year!
We spent the evening at my parents helping my Uncle celebrate his 60th Birthday. Did you know it takes 4 brothers to grill hot dogs?

We had a bit of a family crisis the middle of the month that sucked time and energy, soccer started for two children, and Vince had a business conference for a few days. He was home one day and the next we left for San Diego, California to visit his sister, Sheryl and nephew, Johnny.

We sat on the front patio and enjoyed the sun every morning for breakfast.
We ate as much authentic Mexican food as we could pack in in 4 days.
We walked the beach by Hotel Del.

Visited Balboa Park.

Had a nice Sunday brunch at Seaport Village.

Walked along the San Diego Marina. These kites were HUGE.

We got lost on the upper levels of Horton Plaza.

Watched the seals at La Jolla.

And generally just enjoyed each other. It has been 2 years since we have seen these silly people and that is WAY TOO long.

We are now back in cool, rainy Minnesota. This is the final few days of school. We are busy with graduation for Filip, out exchange student. He will depart on in less than two weeks...but we aren't talking about that right now. It makes us too sad.