Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MS 3

I joined very late. The 1st and 2nd clues were out already and sign-ups closed on Friday at midnight. I joined Friday afternoon. I spent the weekend looking at the different yarn suggestions on the internet and by Monday night had an idea of color and yarn type I wanted. I decided to see what the LYS had because if I ordered it would be another couple of days before the yarn arrived.

Below is my start. I am on row 37 of chart A:

The yarn is Misti Alpaca in navy (I wanted black but they didn't have it). Can you see the beads? There are three under my thumb and then every inch up the sides. They are minuscule and I am all thumbs while trying to get them on. I would be going faster if I didn't use the beads but I like the little bit (very little bit) of flash this adds.
This may be a Christmas gift, I am not sure yet. I know my Mother and Mother-in-law both read this...maybe they will forget about it by Christmas if I decide to keep it.