Friday, July 6, 2007

New Drivers

We have two new drivers in our house. K and M took Driver's Ed the same time since their Birthdays are three weeks apart. They could have taken Driver's Ed last fall but we waited and enrolled them in the first summer session. They attempted the test last Friday and M passed but K didn't which lead to many tears in the car on the way home. K is an honor roll student and I think she over stressed the test. M passed with the max number wrong available to pass but he is a boy and proud that he squeaked by the first time. So Tuesday we drove back to the DVS and K passed with flying colors. They turn 16 in late Oct and early Nov. but they need to have their permits for 6 months so they will attempt their driving test right after the New Year.

My husband is polling parents: Did you have rules for the first year of driving?
Things like cell phone off, no food or drinks in the car, no friends...?
We are formulating and wondering how to enforce these for safe, undistracted driving. Did you know they have new software now that will track where the car has been and how fast the car was going? It is very cool for parents of teenagers but also very expensive.

Oh, and we also have a 14, 13, and 12 yr. old so in three years we will have three additional drivers. I wonder what our car insurance bill will look like by then??!