Thursday, July 5, 2007

Painting and knitting

There has been a lot of painting and a little knitting going on this last week. Since getting the house painted we have since painted our new shed to match the house, painted the interior of the front door and landing, painted the wall in the living room with new windows, and painted the hallway upstairs with the first coat. I still need to put the living room back together and paint the second coat on the upstairs hallway and do two coats of the downstairs hallway. This is all because we live in a split entry. Once you start with the front door, you have to paint 2/3 of the house to be at a place where it blends.

When I sit down for dinner and can't get up again, I knit. I cast on for my first Clapotis...yes, I am a clappy virgin. (Sounds kinky doesn't it?) I bought 3 skeins of Lion and Lamb in the Safari. I am loving the "animal print" pooling. I am almost done with my first skein. Since I only bought 3 skeins and the pattern called for 4 I eliminated one of the increase and decrease sections.
I also cast on another pr. of Monkeys last night in Regia. I'm not sure of the colorway but it has blues, and browns. So far no funky pooling. I must admit after working with the Handmaiden Sea Wool, Regia feels like I am knitting with steel wool. I am just spoiled. This winter my feet won't care. They will just be happy wearing pretty socks.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! Me? After breakfast at Caribou and a nice ride around Lake Minnetonka on the Harley, we painted all day. We were too tired to go out and find a seat for the fireworks so hubby fired off a few in our backyard.